Our mission is a safe, healthy and fulfilled workforce.

Our employees are our greatest asset, their commitment to safety and getting the job done is the foundation of our company. We believe that health and safety is critical, and developing a culture that supports a safe and healthy work environment is a vital to ensure that our employees come home to their families and friends each and every day. Opportunity and leadership development for our employees is a key aspect to delivering quality products and services, as well as to the successful future of our company. We proudly stand behind our family of companies and the employees that make us who we are, their continuous hard work and strive to excellence is what makes Hinkle the employer of choice.

Leadership at Hinkle U

At Hinkle our employees are one of our largest investments. After all, we believe that bright, engaged, energetic employees foster the entrepreneurial spirit of our business and we want to give them the tools that they need to be successful. We believe at Hinkle that everyone is a leader and that as leaders there are always things to learn. This is why we launched Hinkle University in 2017. The goal is the same, to empower our employees and make a positive contribution to their professional development.

Healthy Employees

Hinkle's wellness philosophy is to allow employees to make big changes towards better health. As a result of these programs we've realized many successes including increased employee satisfaction, more productivity on the job, and of course a company of healthier people.