Meeting the Responsibility of Today.

In today's world, sustainability is more than the right thing to do, its good business. We provide essential materials for infrastructure projects that are critical to our economy, and we understand the broad environmental responsibility that comes with the use of critical resources. Environmental compliance and resource efficiencies are paramount to our sustainability program today, and in the future. Environmental sustainability is a never ending road and our journey starts with the desire to do the right thing.

Our Recycling Program

Recycling is a topic that is becoming increasingly important in the construction industry today. Reusing materials continues the lifecycle of a product, benefiting the business, saving on energy and emissions, while also minimizing the amount of waste that ends up landfills. Wherever possible we recycle both materials, and energy when creating our products.

We like to think our recycling starts with the mindset of our employees. Small initiatives in our offices around the country often develop into innovative ideas for increasing aggregate, energy and product recycling.

Hybrid Equipment

Our mission at Hinkle is to be good environmental stewards. We strive to be innovative thinkers by using the newest technology and equipment. Hybrid is a term we hear in our everyday lives to describe everything from automobiles to vegetables. In the construction industry, hybrid is used to reference any equipment type that has two power sources, or equipment that can collect, store and reuse energy. No matter how the term hybrid is defined, the technology allows Hinkle to use smaller, more efficient engines to achieve fuel savings while not compromising power or safety.

As such, we are beginning to purchase hybrid equipment to use in an our operation. We see the benefits of using hybrid equipment as follows:

  • Hybrid equipment helps improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Hybrid equipment helps our company conserve natural resources. he environment to dispose of these pollutants by natural means.
  • Hybrid equipment offer a significant increase in fuel economy.

The way we see it, every acre of land that we touch has potential beyond its primary use to our company. That’s why we are so dedicated to environmental sustainability and see it as a never ending road. We have such a deep appreciation for the environment where we live and work, and as such, we are proud to be doing our part for a cleaner environment for everyone.